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"Prayer Fire (Volume 2)" by Dr Sola Fola-Alade

"Prayer Fire (Volume 2)" by Dr Sola Fola-Alade

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Prayer and the Scriptures are Believers’ most potent weapons for navigating the human experience. Prayer Fire 2 is the second edition of the prayer manual that took the world by storm in 2022 and is a tool every believer needs to have in their armoury. The Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17-18), and contained within the pages of this book are 300+ prophetic prayers backed by scripture.

You will be able to release God’s fire into your life to break the agenda of the enemy and provoke Heavenly intervention in eight key areas:

  1. Growth, Enlargement & Breakthroughs 
  2. Healing & Divine Health
  3. Relationship Matters
  4. Accusations & Opposition
  5. Deliverance
  6. Negative Patterns & Stagnation
  7. Fresh Oil & Anointing
  8. Salvation, Nations & Government

These power-packed, prophetic prayer points can be prayed daily in your personal devotion or as the basis for group prayer meetings.

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